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FREE Project Brief Consultation

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Fill in your details using the form on the contact page and I’ll be in touch to chat about how we can make your dream kitchen and interior room become reality! 

Don’t be surprised if you get asked a lot of questions, how you live, your hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. it’s all part of the process to defining your style. In addition, you may get some ideas you might not have considered.


Have in mind your budget ready to tell us what you want to achieve for the space. Be upfront about what you want to spend, however you may be surprised about what options and solutions are in your price range.


During the design process I am often called on to become counsellor, confidant and sometimes mind reader! So, if you don’t agree with your partner on which colours to go for, or which layout is best – no biggie, as long as you are open with me, I’ll help you find a solution. 


I would strongly recommend Zoe to anyone looking for a creative design service for their kitchen. During the development of our barn conversion we worked with Zoe to create a blend of industrial / contemporary chic , with a tight budget. The result was exactly on brief and budget , and the kitchen is still looking good 2years on.

—  Martin Dallas

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