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THANKS for your interest in learning more about Marshall-McKay Design, our services and how we work.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If we have not answered your questions, please schedule a FREE DISCOVERY CALL. We would love the opportunity to speak to you further about your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Design Process?
    1) Discovery Call - This is a chance to have an informal chat via phone or Zoom video call, about your home, your requirements and expectations, ask any questions and find out how we can work together. 2) Initial Design Ideas Consultation - Following the Discovery call we can schedule an in-home appointment to see the space, listen more to your ideas and gather as much information as possible about your needs and desires. We can provide you with some solid ideas and direction for your project. If you would like to work with us after this point we will then go on to book in for a Site Measure and Survey. This can be at the same visit as the Initial Design Ideas Consultation or at another time to suit. 3) Site Measure and Survey - This is where we go into a lot more detail and specifics about the project, take measurements of the room or rooms required, take pictures and ask about all the information we need to be able to start creating something wonderful. Determining your budget and timeframe are key components, so we can be on the same page as your end vision. We will invoice for the Site Measure and Survey appointment after the visit. 4) Fee Proposal And Design Agreement - A few days following the Site Measure and Survey, we will email you a Fee Proposal, outlining the scope of work that we have previously discussed and the design fee with a staged payment structure. Once the initial payment has been made, this signals the start of the project. We will begin to work on your comprehensive design plan. 5) Concept Development, Sourcing, Researching, Quotes for Products - Initial 3D CAD images, plans and mood boards are prepared, along with visits to suppliers to purchase or order product samples. A quotation for the products required is drawn up, to include kitchen or bathroom units, sinks, basins, taps, worktops, appliances, lighting, flooring, tiles, splashbacks, paint, wallpaper, panelling, blinds, furnishings such as tables, chairs and everything else you might need for the room or rooms as required. 6) At Home Presentation, Revisions & Follow Up Presentation - Once the designs and quotation are ready, these will be discussed at a home visit appointment. It helps if all the decision makers are present at the consultation, to receive everyone's input and vision for the space. Any questions or changes are followed through and subsequent At Home Appointments are arranged as necessary, to ensure that we get the designs and plans just right for you. At this point, we encourage our clients to begin to assemble quotations from contractors and installers for the work ahead. I am happy to work alongside your preferred installation team. If you do not have an installation team in mind as yet, I am able to supply a list of names for your consideration. Once you are happy with the finalised designs, products and quotation, we would be pleased to receive the second stage payment for completion of the design phase. 7) Ordering of Products - A few weeks before the start of the installation of the project, we will begin the ordering process for your products. At this point we require the last stage payment for the products you wish us to purchase. 8) Site Meeting with Contractors - As part of the project facilitation and to ensure that the design intent is communicated fully with all contractors and installation teams, we provide installation notes and a schedule timetable if required (for multiple individual trades, rather than an installation team). CAD images, plans, elevations, product installation drawings and any other technical information will be provided via email and as a physical copy on site. We will go through the project scope personally with the contractor at the start of the job. 9) Project Installation facilitation - Liaison with the trades via phone, email and text throughout the course of the project and one site visit per week, during installation to monitor progress and be on hand should any questions arise. 10) Product Management - Supply, purchase and delivery of products. Management of remedial products - transit damage, missing items, replacement items, any additional products for the installation if there is a shortfall, as required. 11) Furniture and Accessory Installation & Styling if required - A visit to help you style the home once any building or installation work is complete and furniture and accessories have arrived. 12) Project Closure Meeting & Photography - By now, you are enjoying your new space! How exciting! We want to ensure that you are fully satisfied. This informal home visit is a great opportunity for us to get your feedback on your beautiful new space, as well as how the design process was for you. We would also love to take some photos of your beautiful new room(s) if that is permitted. We are always striving to improve, and your feedback means the world to us. You may do this via email or review us on Google, Facebook, or Houzz if you wish. Thank you.
  • What Interior Services Do You Offer?
    Full Service Interior Design - specialising in Kitchens and Bathrooms - see FAQ below For residential kitchen and bathroom products (where applicable) purchased through ourselves, our client's benefit from a trade discount. 10% on retail prices of Bathrooms and 20% on retail prices of Kitchens. Design and Supply for: Kitchens, utilities, boot rooms, bathrooms, ensuites, cloakrooms, bedroom design, wardrobes, pantry or scullery rooms, hallway or home office furniture. Floor and Space Planning - Re-imagined concepts for interior layout, renovations, extensions and structural changes. Structural re-designs of walls, windows and doors, adapting existing buildings for better use of space, increased light or flow. This may include electrical lights, sockets and switch placement. This may include positions for plumbing requirements. For larger extensions or conversions - this may include collaboration with select architects, structural surveyors, builders, contractors, material suppliers and our clients - to meet the specific needs and desires of all occupants. Interior Furnishing and Styling - Develop a design concept for Large and Small items of Furniture, Soft Furnishings, Lighting, Art and Accessories, utilizing existing pieces you already have. Interior Fixtures and Finishes - Develop a co-ordinated design scheme for Flooring, Lighting, Wall and Ceiling treatments, Tiles, Blinds and Window treatments. Interior Colour and Material Consultation - Develop a co-ordinated design scheme for Paint colours, wall treatments, help with choosing fabrics and materials that work together. Matching bespoke and fitted furniture; for example - media station, home bar, dresser, built in desks, in-home cinema, library or wine cellar. New Build Home Interior Design - Working with Owners and Property Developers Serviced Accommodation, Bed & Breakfast, Holiday Home Interior Design
  • What Does Full Service Interior Design Mean?
    'Full service' means creating an initial concept-to-installation solution for your project. We can handle all the details from research to selection, design, planning and purchasing, through to coordination with the installation team. This includes all the elements of design and procurement. Specification of the products can be technical and requires specific trained knowledge for the environment or location in which it’s to be installed. Only a highly skilled and experienced interior designer will provide this service, as knowledge of services such as plumbing, electrical and extraction is required. Plans for tile format, layouts and other product installation and technical schematics will be included. It includes liaising with the client’s contractors throughout the project; providing advice on product installation. This service includes project facilitation to make sure the design intent is being carried out. A site handover meeting at the start of the project and detailed drawings and notes to make sure the installation team understands what to do are provided. We make several site visits during the project, communicate with the contractor(s) and report back to you. This requires attention to detail, familiarity with the design and great communication skills. Things like tile transitions, panel layouts, electrical and plumbing placements, trim and cabinet details and unforeseen issues below existing surfaces often require quick decisions to keep the project moving forward. Jobsite questions are to be expected and we are able to handle these for you as well. 'Full Service Design' can apply to one full room, a group of rooms or an entire home in a single installation. Larger projects are completed in phases and so many of our full service projects can be done one room at a time. 'Full service' applies even if you already own some of the pieces we will use to complete your project.
  • Can I Order Just Lighting, Accessories, Tables, Chairs, Stools, Blinds, Curtains, Worktops or Appliances?
    Yes! You don't have to do a full room project if you are just looking for soft furnishings like upholstery, blinds or curtains. We are happy to meet with you in your home, take measurements and source the perfect window treatments for you. Likewise, if you require a few accessories, items of furniture, lighting or appliances for your kitchen, please get in touch.
  • Can I Order Just Kitchen or Bathroom Units as 'Supply Only'?
    Yes! If you are able to provide sizes and product requirements we would happily supply and arrange delivery of the units for you. Please get in touch.
  • How soon should I reach out to a designer for my renovation project?
    Great question! Many clients don't realise that they should involve an interior designer, particularly if your project involves a kitchen or bathroom, from the very start. Positions of water pipes, soil waste and electric feeds need to be considered at the planning stage. These are the first things to be installed and affect the positions of all other items and furniture around them. Collaboration with your architect or discussions on the plans, before or in the early stages of the build or renovation together, helps with the common goal of making your house a home for you. We can make sure your home meets your lifestyle needs, functions and routines, before the physical walls, doors and windows go in. We can take into account how you will live daily in your home and how your furnishings will fit in the big picture. The help and guidance of an interior designer will be the best investment you will ever make. Book a DISCOVERY CALL to find out more.
  • Can I change my mind once I have ordered?
    Once an order is placed and acknowledgement received from the manufacturer, it cannot be cancelled. This is especially true for bespoke orders. These require extra time, special handling and skill to create a unique piece just for your home. For that reason manufacturers will not cancel bespoke orders. If you change your mind, stocked items can be cancelled but typically a restocking fee is charged. These fees range from 20% to 35% depending on the supplier. Please remember to keep the packaging in good condition, so that the items can be returned.
  • Where do you source your kitchen and bathroom furniture from?
    As an independent interior designer, I am not tied to any particular make or brand of furniture. I help my client's choose the products that are right for them. Depending on what is important for the project, whether it is a quick delivery time, sustainable materials, repurposed furniture, long warranty, hand made and hand-painted, modern, or robust and hard wearing, for rental property or forever home - there is a manufacturer I can use that is the right fit.
  • Who Are Your Typical Clients?
    We have clients from all walks of life and every lifestyle imaginable. The common thread is that they all desire a home that will deliver the lifestyle they want, whilst working for them on a practical level. They want someone who can help them handle the process of getting from where they are now, to how they would like to live in their home. The clients that we work best with are clients who see value in the creative process and value the experience and expertise of a professional designer. They are willing to invest in what they truly want their home to look and feel like.
  • Do You Offer Free Consultations?
    We are happy to have a Discovery Call on the phone or a zoom video conversation to find out how we can help you and if we are a good fit for you. We also offer a Free Initial Ideas Consultation at your home. During this 30-60 minute meeting I will take a look at your house and we can talk about a whole range of things relating to your project – e.g. scope, lifestyle, functionality, budget, aesthetic and so on. While I am there I will give you lots of initial ideas and inspiration and we can also talk about the full scope of the project. Some people find the initial design ideas consultation is sufficient for what they need and are happy to move forward on their own, while others would like me to progress on to a Survey and Measure Appointment for the work or room they need me to help them with. If so, we do charge for the Survey and Measure Appointment and will send an invoice for this service after the visit. Click here to schedule a consultation
  • What happens at the Survey and Measure Appointment?
    If, following the initial 30-60 design ideas consultation at your home, you are happy for me to start work on your design project, I will do a survey and measure. This can be at the same visit as the Initial Design Ideas Consultation or at a separate time to suit. We will take a tour of the areas of the home that you would like me to work on and define the project scope. We will run through the design process in more detail and how we work. This is to gather as much information as possible so we can understand what you need and create something wonderful. After this visit we will send an invoice for the Survey and Measure Appointment and include a Fee Proposal for the design work you have asked us to do.
  • How much do you charge?
    Our Full Service Design fees for Kitchen and Bathrooms are invoiced in staged payments. 1) The first payment is for the Survey and Measure Appointment @ £480+VAT. 2) After this we will put together a Design Fee Proposal outlining the scope of work and a staged payment structure. For our Full Service Interior Design Work we charge on a cost per metre basis. 3) The first part of the Design Fee is due at commencement of the project for the design element. 4) The Design Fee is capped at 9 revisions. Ongoing revisions are available for an additional cost. 5) The second part of the Design Fee is due at the end of the design phase, upon satisfactory completion. 6) A materials payment is then made for any products, furniture and accessories, that you have chosen, prior to purchasing. 7) For residential kitchen and bathroom products (where applicable) purchased through ourselves, our client's benefit from a trade discount. 10% on retail prices of Bathrooms and 20% on retail prices of Kitchens. 8) When your project has started, we offer Project Installation Facilitation or Basic Project Support on a cost per week basis. (£190/week +VAT) or Project Support Retainer (£75/week +VAT) 9) Optional Furniture, Accessories and Styling – A visit to your home once any building or installation work is complete to help with furnishing, accessories and styling. This is charged on a day rate of £480/day +VAT, plus cost for a handyman or fitter if required. Most clients understand that this is great value for this type of service, compared to not calling in a professional and possibly end up making costly mistakes. Clients have thanked us for the information and guidance that they receive during our consultations and it has absolutely been worth the investment into making their home one that they can be proud of.
  • Which Areas Do You Serve?
    Our office is based in Ombersley, Worcestershire but we cover parts of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire, to approximately a 30 mile radius. We have serviced clients as far as Surrey and Norfolk. If we are a good fit, then where you live doesn't matter as much. If you are located outside of Worcestershire and you like what you have seen in our portfolio, then we would be happy to talk about your design needs and can sort out the logistics from there.
  • How Do You Work With Trades People?
    You are responsible for hiring all the trades people involved, making sure they have proper documentation, insurance and are qualified to do the work. (Builders, architects, carpenters, plumbers, kitchen & bathroom fitters, electricians, decorators, floorers etc). In the event that you don't have contractors, or you don't have the time to research, we can provide you with a list of trades people that we may or may not have worked with in the past. Marshall-McKay Design does not provide a warranty or guarantee of their part of the project, and the quality of their work and performance depends entirely on them. Your trades people are responsible for verifying all dimensions before beginning work. We are able to send project information and are happy to meet with the contractors you hire (or intend to hire) to review our designs and other specifications, for quotation purposes. From time to time, we hire the professional services of outside contractors for blinds, curtains and upholstery for example, amongst other crafts people as required.
  • Will You Work With My Contractor or Installer?
    We are happy to work with your contractors, installers or trades people. We will do our part to provide detailed information and communicate with them at every stage of the process. See FAQ above about Working with Trades People. Our goal is to make the process of working with a contractor easy and stress-free.
  • How Do I Know You Are The Right Fit For My Project?
    That is a great question! We understand that we are embarking upon a project that will last a few months or longer. Therefore, it is important that we get to know each other and establish trust. We will have the opportunity to chat and meet a couple of times before we need to begin anything. The first is a DISCOVERY CALL, where we will learn more about the project scope and what your "grand vision" is. If that goes well, we can then meet for a Free INITIAL DESIGN IDEAS CONSULTATION in your home, where we get to understand more about your lifestyle, how you want to live, how you want it to feel, and what is most important to you and your family. If you are based in Worcestershire, as I am, here are a few reasons why you might like to work with me: - I am a local designer, so I have local knowledge and I have worked on houses nearby. If you would like to speak to any of my previous clients, see my work or ask any questions, please feel free to do so. - You can have regular check-ins if you have any queries, or just want to tweak the design. - A kitchen, bedroom or bathroom renovation or home extension may take a few weeks, some months, or longer, if you are updating the whole house, so it is reassuring that I could be on hand throughout. With projects like these, we may begin a long-running working relationship! - During the design process I am often called on to become counsellor, mediator, confidant and sometimes mind reader! So, if you have tricky decisions to make – no biggie, just be honest with me and I’ll help you find a solution. - Our aim is to add value, reduce hassle, save time, improve feelings of wellbeing, help you prioritise your budget and transform your home into somewhere you love - Please see some of our great testimonials on this website, from the lovely relationships we have built with our clients, many of whom are repeat clients or referrals.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    You can reach out to us and book a DISCOVERY CALL. We are happy to answer your questions and explain briefly about the design process. We can then decide on a mutual date and time to meet in your home for a Free INITIAL DESIGN IDEAS CONSULTATION. If you have been collecting any ideas about your style or preferences, please feel free to share them with us. You can also schedule a Free INITIAL DESIGN IDEAS CONSULTATION here
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